Traffic Ecosystem for Smart Cities
The future begins today.

Traffic Ecosystem for Smart Cities

We combine conventional public transport vehicles with new micromobility vehicles.

Key benefits of Citimee app:

  • Full integration of eMobility into public transport
  • More effective way of travelling through the city
  • Costs under control for each user
  • Unique platform for all smart transporters
  • Matching with low emission zone concept
  • All-in-one solution with many verticals

The story behind

This is Julia. She has a car.
She travels a lot every day for different reasons.
For work, hobbies, shopping...
But she can‘t find an effective way of transportation.
A lot of jams. Crowds everywhere. Lack of alternatives.
If some exists, it‘s not easy to use. Or it‘s too expensive.
New restrictions are coming. No suitable solution yet.
What are the key problems?

Key problems in public transport worldwide


Traffic jams for car drivers
Overcrowded public transport
Inefficient travelling (time/money)
Addiction on traditional transport
Limited types of vehicles
Defragmented transport apps

Smart transporters

Low penetration (city centres)
Lack of customers
No platform for new transporters
No urban infrastructure
Negative acceptance from people
High price


Traffic jams
Overcrowded public transport
Low emission zones (CO2)
Lack of parking
Increasing noise
City warming (overheating)

Urban environment

Air pollution (CO2 and dust)
City warming (overheating)
Increasing noise
Urban greenery impact
Dryness issues
Safety and comfort